Instructions for Bridal Gifts




Being away in Guam, so far from home, Katie surely does miss everyone. Even so, this experience has only made the bond between Katie and Joe even more strong. They are absolutely, positively in love.

Katie has a lot of extra time on her hands, and while she has for once in her life successfully gotten a tan, she still finds extra hours in her days. She has tapped into her creative side decorating and creating a home for her and Joe. Making countless crafts, re-fabbing furniture, and learning some cooking skills, Katie has really utilized Pinterest to fill up her time.

The Bridal party and I have come up with the idea of combining gift giving with Pinterest. Please find your favorite Pintrest idea, print it out, and utilize this idea as the center of your gift. Here are a few ideas…

1.   Gift of a sewing machine, sewing kit, or a joann fabrics or michaels gift card.

2. http://media-cache    gift of Wine glasses

3.     gift of cutting boards and or knive kit with an old family recipe

4. Personal recipe with kitchen tools needed to create that meal.


I would not recommend using these ideas, but to come up with your own idea. If you do not have access to Pinterest, do not know what it is, or choose a different idea, feel free to do as Katie has done and tap into your creative side. Any craft or recipe idea of your own will work just as well!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me at (the maid of honor) and I will help you with your gift idea.








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